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Title IX Harassment or

Sexual Violence advisor

Debra Bogaards can help you as your Title IX Sexual Harassment or Sexual Violence advisor. Title IX requires your school to investigate claims of sexual violence and sexual harassment against students. In her most recent cases, Ms. Bogaards represented a female student accused by a male student of forcing him to engage in sexual activity without his consent, and aggravating the sexual assault by becoming physically violent at U.C.S.F. School of Pharmacology. (bold the name of school) She also represented a male student accused of forcing his regular “hook up” to have intercourse without effective consent due to intoxication and videotaping the intercourse, and distributing the videotape to another female student so they could have a threesome at Sonoma State University.”

Whatever your Title IX or sexual violence advisor needs, Bogaards Davis can deliver effective, timely results. Please call 415.979.0480