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Here are some of our recent results and work product, across Bogaards Davis practice areas. Some results mention confidential settlements, where we are not allowed to disclose monetary awards or even the names of the parties. We list these results to show our experience and success in obtaining awards for these types of cases. Other items highlight complex work within a practice area, not necessarily litigation, again to showcase Bogaards Davis attorneys experience and successful representation of clients’ legal needs. If you would like to know more about specific issues or results, or discuss our results in depth, please call 415.979.0480 email. The results in these cases do not guarantee results in other cases.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death of the 20-year-old daughter of Renee and Israel Morales in the San Bruno PG&E gas pipeline explosion, with co-counsel John Feder. We were the second case to go to mediation resulting in one of the highest settlements in history.  We accompanied Renee Morales to the PG&E criminal trial over 5 years later.
Case: Morales v. PG&E
Result: Confidential Settlement

Wrongful death of 94 y.o. grandmother who ran out into traffic in the middle of the block between parked cars against a red light. Our accident reconstruction expert found no liability— zero—against the driver who hit her.
Case: Kintis v. Barbieri
Result: $150,000 Settlement

Personal Injury

Speeding on a rented motorcycle after the Gay Pride Parade, plaintiff was hit by a Jeep making an illegal turn on Mission Street in San Francisco. Both sides’ accident reconstruction experts agreed that if plaintiff had been going the speed limit, the accident could have been avoided. Plaintiff suffered multiple pelvic fractures and underwent three surgeries. Her medical specials were $185,000. She had no wage loss claim.
Case: Felguth v. Epstein
Result: $900,000 Settlement

Partial finger amputation of 8 y.o. boy with comparative fault.
Case: Confidential/Pre-Litigation
Result: $580,000 Settlement

Motorcyclist suffered injuries including a separated shoulder and torn rotator cuff in a collision with a delivery truck in San Francisco’s South of Market district.
Case: Farrell v. DHL
Result: $400,000

Plaintiff was an 85-year-old man attending a weekly meeting at the DoubleTree Hotel in Livermore. He slipped on wet tiles, and broke his femur in four places.
Case: Hiskes v. DoubleTree Hotel
Result: $225,000 Settlement

Wrist fracture arising out of pedestrian/auto accident, no surgery.
Case: Ocegueda v. Hoffman
Result: $270,000

Carbon monoxide poisoning case where clients, living in a ranch home in west Marin County, had only one day of exposure and no residual symptoms.
Case: Gutierrez-Hermasillo v. Martindale Ranch
Result: $157,000

Bicyclist suffered broken wrist injury requiring multiple surgeries in no liability case.
Case:  Tjaden v. Campbell
Result:  Prelitigation settlement for $100,000 policy limits and $15,000 cash contribution by driver

Race car professional suffered neuropathic leg pain when race car driver backed up into him, while standing at metal table in hangar.
Case:  Gamba v. Wanaselja
Result:  $75,000 Settlement

Pedestrian hit in marked crosswalk suffers severe knee injury not requiring surgery.
Case:  DiPlacido v. Brown
Result:  Prelitigation settlement for $100,000 policy limits and $200,000 cash contribution by driver

Customer sitting on bench at car wash gets knocked down and run over by her own car. Car wash worker drove car in reverse to park it after drying it.  Customer suffers mild traumatic brain injury.
Case:  DiPlacido v.  confidential
Result:  $500,000 settlement

Homeowner slips on unsecured tarp in her foyer after coming downstairs and sues her general contractor doing her kitchen remodel.  Homeowner suffers a severe elbow injury with surgery.
Case:  Wolter v. Marzolf Bros and Martin Flores Drywall
Result:  $343,000 settlement

Cyclist gets doored by hired car.  Bruising and scarring near eye and hand.
Case:  Retsky v. confidential
Result:  $99,000

Elder Abuse

Elder abuse case involving the death of a fellow attorney’s mother within a month of moving into an upscale care facility in Marin County, because she was not given medications. Expedited settlement within three months of claim.
Case: Mills v. Alma Via
Result: Confidential Settlement


Court trial in Marin County for breach of plaintiff’s employment contract as an office manager. Plaintiff had both a personal and work relationship with employer, a medical doctor.
Case: Maimes v. Szaebo
Result: One year of wages, less mitigation, for $70,000


Represented tenants evicted from San Francisco apartment. Their apartment complex had months of leaking pipes and mold-riddled walls due to a neglected water heater system. Landlord asked tenants to move out, and offered inadequate temporary housing, made no relocation payments, and stalled tenants’ return for ten months. Finally, landlord sent harassing mail to tenants’ parents.
Case: Tenants v. Landlord
Result: Confidential Settlement

Represented tenants threatened with constructive eviction from San Francisco apartments. Their apartment complex was about to undergo construction of the required earthquake retrofit and stabilization on the ground-floor/soft-story. Landlord failed to provide any safeguards to avoid potential hazardous materials exposure to the tenants and intended to impose months of partial severance of housing services (e.g. blocked use of garages and impacted use of laundry and storage rooms). Landlord also failed to offer or compensate for the loss of housing services and made no relocation payments. Finally, landlord and their counsel failed and refused to provide cooperation or transparency throughout the pre-construction process.
Case: Tenants v. Landlord
Result: Confidential Settlement/Resolution


Business contracts litigation on behalf of a San Francisco-based event management and hosting business in Federal Court litigation. The action arose from a contract and services dispute involving an agreement to provide planning and hosting management and services for an international business conference held over several days in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area. Opposing party was based outside the United States.
Case: California Host v. Naspers
Result: Confidential Settlement

Restructure of closely held corporation to buy out early investors and to change management and control of underlying commercial real estate investment companies. Transactions included change of title, ownership and equity positions in a number of commercial properties.


Representation of My Brew Co, LLC in its corporate formation and compliance, along with its related client, consulting, service and partnership agreements. My Brew Co, LLC provides cloud based software solutions for home and commercial brewers of beer, wine, sake and mead to manage the brewing process, store and share information, connect and collaborate with other brewers and facilitate the exchange of goods and services required by brewers throughout the world.

Representation of Courtroom Insight, Inc. (, negotiation and drafting of their subscription and membership agreements, and related transactional relationships and contracts.

Representation of Synthesis Consulting ( in their corporate formation and compliance, along with negotiating and drafting their client, consulting, service and partnership agreements.

Real Estate

Represented buyers in breach of contract action against developer and sellers. The contract dispute and litigation arose from a real estate development and sales of commercial condominium units in a shopping center in San Jose.
Case: Lee v. TWN
Result: $485,000 Judgment

Commercial real estate partners/investors/LLC litigation arising from the management and sale of a mixed-use commercial office property in San Francisco. Case involved a dispute among partners concerning the respective duties and obligations owed to each of the other partners, managers and members.
Case: Partner/Investor v. Co-Owner
Result: Confidential Settlement

Represented residential real estate investors in their acquisition of property in the SOMA District of San Francisco, along with the negotiation and drafting of their leasing agreements for tenants employed with social media companies also based in the SOMA District.

Represented commercial real estate lender in litigation arising from its acquisition of residential investment properties in the Silicon Valley. The contract dispute and litigation arose from the financing agreements and partnerships in a joint venture at the time of resale of the properties.


Represented property owners in claims against their title company and title insurance company. Contract dispute, claim and litigation arose from easement on commercial development property only discovered after plans were submitted to build an apartment building.
Case: Property Owners/Insureds v. Title Company and Title Insurance Company
Result: Arbitration Award for $373,000 and an additional settlement of $100,000

Insurance bad faith case arising out of a father’s claim on his young daughter’s life insurance policy, where two policies had been issued in different amounts (one more zero) under same policy number.
Case: Life Insurance Policy Beneficiary v. Life Insurance Company.
Result: Confidential Settlement

Defense of insurance broker in complex insurance actions involving coverage, breach of contract, implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing ("Bad Faith"), fraud/concealment, professional negligence and broker/agency, venued at San Francisco County Superior Court. The cases arise from a fall from an elevated deck that resulted in a $16.7 million underlying judgment.
Case: Rigamonti v. Liberty Mutual and Gragnani v. Clarendon National,
Result: Dismissal Without Payment


Homeowner lawsuit arising from design and construction defects and damages at a Napa Valley estate, State Court litigation.
Case: Edwards v. Ogden
Result: $900,000 Settlement

Represented engineering/construction consultant and contractor against a Central Valley dairy farm in litigation for breach of a commercial design, engineering and construction contract, in Fresno County Superior Court.
Case: Tetra Tech, Inc. v. BioEnergy Solutions
Result: $435,000 Judgment

Defense of Appeal of Judgment of trial court entered in favor of our client arising from a construction contract dispute with general contractor.
Case: Contractor v. Subcontractor
Result: Preservation of Judgment and Award of Costs

Products Liability

Products liability action against a national appliance manufacturer and distributor for defective dishwashing machines, heard in San Mateo County Court.
Case: Consumer v. National Manufacturer and Retailer
Result: Ongoing

Sexual Molestation

Disputed sexual molestation of high school male student by female teacher at private school.
Case: Child v. School
Result: Confidential Settlement, including money as well as  adjustment of grades and schools.