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Real estate law is complex. It requires a thorough understanding of federal, state and local statutes and regulations, and an astute assessment of the business environment that informs clients’ objectives. Real estate law also demands equal expertise at litigation and transactional work, as lawyers who are best at litigating real estate agreements are usually best at writing them.

At Bogaards Davis, our lawyers represent clients in virtually every aspect of real estate law in California. Our twenty-plus years of experience in real estate law enable us to craft innovative, cost-effective solutions to our clients' needs — whether we are negotiating complex transactions, drafting a purchase and sale agreement, forming a real estate partnership, or resolving property-related disputes through trial work or alternative dispute resolution.

In our real estate law practice, we represent buyers and sellers of real property, commercial and residential developers, land owners, commercial landlords and tenants, contractors, insurers, real estate agents and brokers, title and escrow companies, and financial institutions. Our practice is divided into two sub-specialties: litigation and transactions.

Our experienced real estate law attorneys handle real estate litigation matters of every type and scope. This includes default notices, unlawful detainer actions, breach of lease and guaranty actions, easement and boundary disputes, rent control disputes, wrongful eviction and condemnation actions, brokerage commission disagreements, mechanic's liens, purchase and sale agreement disputes, land use disputes and Americans with Disabilities Act claims.

Bogaards Davis’ transactional expertise is equally varied, and includes negotiation of commercial, retail and industrial leases; purchase and sale agreements; construction documents; development agreements; and entity formation matters.

Whatever your real estate law need, Bogaards Davis can deliver effective, timely results. Please call 415.979.0480